– chicken stock
– green leafy vegetables
– a few slices of ginger
– dried shrimp, soaked and chopped finely
– dried scallop, soaked
– seafood
– rice ( I mix 1/4 brown rice with 3/4 white rice)
– egg
– corn flour (optional)

– boil chicken stock with ginger (I buy the prepared chicken stock from MMMM, no MSG and preservatives)
– add in dried shrimp and dried scallop
– add in vegetables
– bring to a boil and remove vegetables
– add in seafood
– dissolve corn flour in some water then pour into boiling soup (to thicken soup)
– add in beaten egg
– pour soup base over rice

Ginger is to remove the fishy smell from seafood while the dried shrimp and scallop are to make the soup more tasty.